Day One…

So day one of writing a blog.

Probably the most common line ever known to blog-writing but it’s true and apt. This is the first blog I’ve attempted and I thought it’d be a great way to document what I’m working on, which is to be a child again.

Yes that may be odd. I’m a fully-grown adult wanting to regress but I spent my entire childhood wishing to be older. Being as old as I could be. I didn’t appreciate childhood.

So here’s my chance (before too many bills step in to stop adulthood taking over) to live those experiences now- run too fast, fall over too much, laugh too loud. Be (dare I say it) IMMATURE.

Sometimes to grow up, you need to learn to be a child first. And here starts day one…


5 thoughts on “Day One…

  1. I love your tagline! I like to think that being a grown up not only requires being a child first, but includes maintaining some of that inner child no matter your age 🙂

  2. Love it – So important to unlearn where we think we’re going and just become our child-like selves again. I’m curious to see where you’ll go with this. Great post!

    • I just think it’s too easy to want to be ‘grown up’ when you’re younger and no matter how many times I was told to be a child I always wanted to grow up quicker- I’m now finding that learning to be a child again is allowing me to learn more about how to be a better adult too. There’s more updates on my journey to come so watch this space!

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