Sticker time

A weekly thing to take me back to my childhood is what I promised myself. This is far harder than you could ever realise! Especially when you aren’t actually a child…

So I decided to take the pressure off myself and start small.

Hmm..starting small. But what? My adult brain has been in place since before I even hit adulthood so thinking like a child was proving an impossible task.

Until I went to MacDonald’s on the way back from the gym (yes, pointless and ironic I know but I didn’t care!) and went to throw the toy in the bin. As usual. And there it was. My childhood habit of getting a toy and throwing it away because it wasn’t of any use to me when I was reading books and doing homework.

So I opened it. It was a puzzle sticker book and I read it.

And I completed the sticker puzzle.

Immature I know but who cares when your aim is to be a child anyway? It was a pretty interesting read to be honest and I learnt a lot.

So, thinking about it, maybe the fun stuff would have taught me a lot too. But by choosing to miss out on the fun stuff, I was actually missing out on some lessons school couldn’t have taught me along the way…


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