Daily Prompt: All Grown Up. But too early?

I can’t remember the first time I felt grown up because I chose to live my childhood in a way that was as grown up as possible. It was great at the time- I felt responsible and independent. But as I truly grew up (in the sense of physically reaching ‘adult’ ages), I felt like my growing up had already been done. So I wanted to ‘grow down’ if that could ever be a phrase!

And that’s why this blog exists. To document my journey to not be “all grown up” but, instead, to find a way of seeking the childhood part of my life that I sometimes missed the first time round.

Maybe some of you can remember growing up when you first bought a car or a house, first got a full-time job or got married. But for me I think some of these milestones that I haven’t reached yet, will pass by without this sense of ‘growing up’ because I’ve felt that way already for as long as I can remember. Maybe that’s a good thing- I won’t be too overwhelmed or be tempted to run away from such things because I feel partly prepared already.

But maybe some of the fun in taking these steps lies in the ‘change factor’. The idea that parts of your childhood are changing into adulthood and this change adds excitement, anticipation and a sense of achievement. So if I’ve skipped the childhood part already then could I be risking missing out on the excitement of this change into adulthood? Maybe. Which makes my journey to be a child again all the more important.


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