Raindrops keep falling on my head

Rain drops falling on water.

When was the last time you didn’t run from the rain? When you let the droplets, big or small, just fall?

Week five.

Well I did just that. I went out for a walk along the beach and the sky grew angry and black very quickly! Next thing I knew, big fat droplets of rain were falling and they were falling fast. But this time I didn’t run, I didn’t get my umbrella out to cover my hair. I just kept on walking.

And got soaked. 

But for one of the first times, I just let it go. I let the rain fall and fall and fall. 

It was liberating really. Kids all around me on the beach were squealing away, running around in the rain whilst parents huddled under umbrellas to keep dry. So I did what the kids did and childishly squealed about the rain to my mum. 

Well I am trying to learn to be a child aren’t I?


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