Nature and Its See-Saws

I explored. I span around.

I jumped up high. I ran the ground.

Soared high above the sky, felt like I could fly.

And you know why?

Because I laughed, I shouted, I climbed. I ran to the top of the hill.

I smelt the flowers and saw the fish so that I could fulfil…

Week three.


I’m not a poet and this blog isn’t about trying to be one. It’s about letting my experiences of this week be shared differently. It’s short and simple and not like my usual long ramblings. But maybe that’s what week three has taught me- something as short and simple as getting on the swings at the playground, running to the lookout hill’s view point which makes you feel on top of the world or bouncing on the miniature garden’s trampoline, has brought out a different side of me. A different way of writing my thoughts to you this week. The learning to be a child journey has taught me how important getting outside into the fresh air and exploring is this week- smelling the flowers, hearing the birds, taking a step back and breathing. Acting like my inner child has invigorated my outer adult.

So, week four. Now what?Image


Swings, see-saws and suchlike..

As is typical when trying to achieve something, distractions always get in the way. This week’s ‘learning to be a child’ experience was a bit more active than its predecessors and so took up more of the camera roll. More details (and photographic evidence!) of swings, see-saws and suchlike to come soon…