Opportunities- scary, exciting or both?

I’ve just been asked to write a very short piece in a national magazine on my degree specialism. I can write about anything I want, obviously on the same topic as the magazine, but anything in that area nonetheless. It shouldn’t be a big deal- it’ll be a tiny article, I can’t imagine a huge number of people will read it and the person who asked me probably did so as they don’t know a huge amount of people still studying in this area.

So why then is it such a big deal to me? Am I scared or excited? I’m both.

Opportunities have their way of arising…sometimes. You’re always told to just see what’s round the corner, because there always is something. But what if there actually isn’t?

I used to be a believer that everything happens for a reason. That opinion has changed over the years and I’m leaning more towards the idea now that things just happen, for no reason at all. I’d love to believe in the first notion, i really would, but there’s so much that doesn’t make sense in the world that I don’t know how it can be true.

I’d love to think this opportunity has happened for a reason- I’m meant to write an article and before I know it, it’ll lead to more writing and recognition and maybe a dream career in science communication. Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and this will happen. Sometimes you won’t and it’ll be nothing more than one opportunity. There’s no way of knowing.

It’s so hard to not get excited about something when you’re looking for that light in the mist, something to give you direction when you’re struggling to find one. So is it right to be excited? Should you be scared that it’s nothing more than one opportunity? Or should you be both?


Advice needed please!

Okay bloggers, it’s been some time since I wrote and when I say some time I actually mean almost a third of an entire year. I’m back at university with dissertations and essays to write galore so my apologies, but it’s been hectic.

I’ve decided it’s important to make a bit of time to do the things I enjoy though or else i’ll end this year with a great piece of paper but will think back on it as a big stressed blur. So i’m going to try and blog again. How often I don’t know. To be honest i don’t even know what path I want to go down but blogging nonetheless is what I enjoyed a while ago and what I would love to get back into now.

So i’m looking for a bit of advice. Firstly, on how to actually get this blog thing going! For instance, do I need a specific theme or do people enjoy reading about whatever ramblings the blogger wants to talk about that day?

And secondly, i’ve got my idea for the book I’ve always wanted to write. But again, I have no idea about getting this thing going. Of course I can read all the self-help ‘how to write your own book’ articles out there but i’m trying to see if any of you have got any experience? I’ve written my first page purely because I had the inspiration so what are people’s experiences out there? Do you just write where the inspiration takes you or do you spend a year planning every detail first?

Thanks in advance for any answers I get and hopefully will be blogging again soon!